Patients frequently ask me which supplements are best for fighting cancer. Although I include various supplements in my treatment protocols, curcumin is always at the top of my list. Curcumin is the active ingredient of the spice turmeric. As opposed to some supplements, curcumin has been very well studied. In fact, curcumin has the strongest evidence base of any herb or nutrient when it comes to anti-cancer effects.

Curcumin helps fight cancer in several ways:
-It inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells.
-It plays a role in preventing normal cells from becoming cancerous cells.
-It helps destroy tumor cells.
-It limits the additional blood supply to cancer cells (angiogenesis), which reduces metastasis.

In addition, there is emerging evidence that curcumin also enhances the effect of chemotherapy in killing cancer cells. Needless to say, the ancient healers who used turmeric thousands of years ago were onto something!

If you are wondering if eating a lot of curry, or using turmeric root on its own, will help fight cancer. Unfortunately, there is not nearly enough curcumin in the whole root or plant to provide a therapeutic benefit for cancer. Thus, it is necessary to supplement with it. It is imperative to use a high quality pharmaceutical grade supplement, because you want to make sure you are getting the biologically active forms of curcumin. Cheap supplements you are likely to find on the internet and in supermarkets don’t deliver a high quality product.

In addition to including high quality curcumin in capsule form, my protocols also include curcumin in IV (intravenous) form. Direct administration into the circulatory system results in even better absorption by the cells which need it most.

If you are fighting cancer, or have a loved one who is, curcumin should be a top consideration for inclusion in your treatment protocol. As always, consult with a qualified physician who is knowledgeable in integrative cancer therapies before adding it to the regimen.

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