Poly-MVA – An integrative approach to the treatment of cancer

What does Poly-MVA mean for the cancer patient?

Poly-MVA is a liquid supplement, taken orally.

The good news is, it is backed by good research data. Reputable physicians are using it with good result. It is not a drug, but a dietary supplement, so it is safe, non-toxic, no side effects. It can be taken orally, although the doctors who use it prefer to start intravenously, and only later do they switch to oral intake. According to posted literature, it is safe even for children under 2 years, for pregnant women and for nursing mothers; however, check this out with a licenced health care practitioner.

The fact that it crosses the blood/brain barrier gives hope to brain tumor patients. It is also recommended for leukemia. This is, without doubt, an important new tool in the hands of integrative doctors.

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Dr. Stegall’s Comments: I utilize both IV and oral forms of Poly-MVA in my protocols, and have found it to be an outstanding compound. One advantage we have is that it seems to cause damage to cancer cells while benefiting healthy cells.

Poly MVA Brain Cancer Stories

The key to success in the war on cancer is to fight it intelligently, with the best tools available. Complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) cancer treatments can be seen as clear alternatives to allopathic methodologies as well as an adjuvant approach to be used in conjunction with more mainstream methods. The ideal treatment for cancer would discerningly target cancerous cells, while at the same time shielding and strengthening healthy cells. Poly-MVA may well help accomplish this objective as an integral part of an integrative and non-toxic cancer therapy approach.

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Dr. Stegall’s Comments: Although they are not a substitute for clinical studies, testimonials from patients who have benefited from a specific treatment are always nice to hear. In the case of Poly-MVA, some of the results were dramatic!

Poly-MVA as an integrative approach to the treatment of cancer: evidence-based through case reports.

Poly-MVA is a proprietary formulation that contains palladium, alpha-lipoic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, formyl-methionine, and N-acetylcysteine. Its main active ingredient is a lipoic acid/palladium complex (LAPd) that is sold as a dietary supplement and is being considered by the pharmaceutical industry under several patents1 as “synthetic reductase.” The initials “MVA” stand for “minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.” LAPd complex has undergone extensive toxicology study,2 both intravenously and orally.

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Dr. Stegall’s Comments: Case reports can be very valuable tools when evaluating potential therapies. This is where the art of medicine comes into play. If a treatment shows benefit, and we do not feel that it will harm the patient, then we should absolutely use it – even when we don’t have rigorous scientific studies to evaluate its use.

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