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10 Critical Criteria to Consider Before Choosing Your Cancer Doctor.

“ You owe it to yourself to find a cancer specialist who has the training, knowledge, and treatment protocols to meet the needs of you or your loved one. In fact, you deserve it! ” – Jonathon Stegall MD

eBook Contents:

Chapters 1 – 5

1. Possesses a Thorough Understanding of the Body’s Biochemistry and Physiology2. Spends Plenty of Time Listening to You3. Obtains Advanced Lab Testing4. Shows Genuine Compassion5. Creates Personalized Treatment Protocols

Chapters 6 – 10

6. Emphasizes the Importance of Nutrition7. Views Himself or Herself as a Consultant8. Tends to Your Spiritual Needs9. Recognizes the Importance of Having a Good Support System10. Has a Plan for Proper Follow-Up

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