by | Jun 13, 2017 | Cancer

Early Research Finds NADES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents) Killing Bacteria

Photodynamic therapy has been used in the treatment of certain types of cancer for a number of years. The treatment is a result of a combination of light activated materials (photosensitizers) and light itself kills cancer cells or precursor state of cancer.

Kristine Opsvik Wikene has used her PhD to study how phototherapy can be used against bacteria in infected surface wounds. The results are so startling that the University’s own innovation initiative, Inven2, has applied for a patent together with Opsvik Wikene and her main tutor, Professor Hanne Hjorth Tønnesen.

“In principle, the scientists have discovered a new type of solvents applied to the light activated materials used in bactericidal phototherapy, but we are looking into several possibilities. There is a substantial need for this type of treatment in the market,” says Technology Strategy Manager Jan Solberg at Inven2- a university innovation company.

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Dr. Stegall’s Comments: It is not surprising to me that phototherapy was shown in this study to kill bacteria, as it has been shown to kill viruses and even cancer as well. In my protocols, I use phototherapy with infrared light to the tumor area. The science behind phototherapy’s effectiveness against cancer cells, coupled with the fact that it is generally non-toxic with virtually no side effects, makes it a “no-brainer” in my opinion.

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